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1. When can I expect the product to deliver once I confirm the order?
Your order would be delivered in 2-3 days after confirmation depending upon your delivery area.

2. How does Power Puff™ work?
The secret of power puff™ perfect application is in the vibration that creates a stippling motion to apply your makeup smoothly & blend better than any other method. The stippling motion is similar to the technique used by Expert make-up artistes.

3. How is Power Puff™ better than regular brushes/sponges used to apply makeup?
The stippling motion and controlled movement which Power Puff™ Applicator creates with its vibrations, helps to apply make-up evenly and smoothly all over the face which is otherwise not possible to achieve with regular brushes/sponges. Also with Power Puff™, your make-up will never be patchy again.

4. What is the difference between Wet Foundation Pads and Dry Powder Pads?
Wet Foundation Pads are to be used with any liquid based foundation. Dry Powder Pads can be used with any Powder form of foundation or any other Powder based make-up.

5. Are the pads re-usable and safe to wash?
Yes the pads are re-usable. To wash, completely separate the pad from the unit and use a cleanser to wash.

6. Where can I buy fresh pads from?
A.) You can buy fresh pads from TVP on our website or by calling us on 022-61289090/91.

7. What cosmetics can I use with Power Puff™?
Any standard brand of cosmetics of good quality can be used with Power Puff™.

8. Should I use Power Puff™ if I have skin allergies?
You are advised to consult your doctor first before using Power Puff™ incase you are suffering from any skin allergies.

9. How soon do I need to replace the batteries?
Based upon a standard usage of twice a week, your batteries can go on till 6-8 weeks. However actual time depends upon usage.

10. Where can I buy replacement batteries for my Power Puff?
This product uses1.5V Button Cells. These types of batteries are easily available from any nearby Stationery shop in your locality.

11. What kind of warranty do I get for this product?
Power Puff™ comes with a 6 months Repair Warranty by TVP. For more details refer to our Terms and Conditions page on televantage.in.

12. Can I use my Power Puff to massage my facial muscles?
Yes, the vibrating massage also relieves tense and tired skin as well as relaxes your facial muscles.

13. Is there any money back guarantee?
No, there is no money back guarantee on this product.

MRP: 3990
Price: 2790
You Save: 1200 (30%)
Delivery Charges : 200
3 EMI: 930