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Televantage.in – Online Shopping In India

About Us

TV Products India - is the latest Company on the Indian DRTV (Direct Response Television / TV shopping) horizon which promises to flood the Indian consumer with an amazing & unbelievable range of genuine & durable products bearing our brand name TeleVantage.

Our parent Company – TV Products International, which is based in Hong Kong, has been supplying top-of-the-line innovative products since the last 20 years, to more than 40 countries across the globe. Our Branch offices are situated in the U.S.A, UK and Australia. In the last 5 years our Group’s world-wide sales were close to $400 million. Backed by the loads of experience & expertise in the DRTV, Retail & Mail-order business worldwide, we decided to launch TeleVantage with a mission to deliver only the best international quality products right into the homes of our millions of customers in India. Based on the faith & trust built with our world-wide customers, we at TV Products India, have pledged to continue to set the same quality standards and build customer loyalties forever in this country too.

TV Products India started its DRTV / TV shopping operations in April 2010 with 2 products initially and currently we are airing 8 international quality products. We believe that Direct Response Media is the key to today’s thriving consumer revolution and aim to open the doors for all kinds of products and services which were earlier sold through old conventional methods. Needless to say, we still have a kitty of more than 1000 products waiting to be used by our valuable customers. We are proud of the fact, that all our Products are tried & tested as per European standards and carry the backing of all the relevant certifications as well. TV Products India is supported by a strong team of Distribution & Logistics Partners who ensure timely & safe delivery of products to our Customers’.

As part of its future plans, TV Products India has already charted out the blueprint for its foray into different marketing mediums apart from the Electronic medium, for eg : Print media, E-commerce, M-commerce & Retail. Moreover, very soon, TV Products India will be the pioneers in bridging the gap between DRTV / TV shopping & RETAIL so that the consumers can have the choice of either ordering for their favourite products from the comforts of their homes OR walking upto the nearest retail outlet and just picking it up.

It is our mission to constantly explore and research International markets for new inclusions in our product offerings and all the products will be unique and innovative which are not easily available in the Indian market.

Keeping in line with our slogan ‘BRING HOME THE WORLD’S BEST’, we, at TV Products India are committed in our endeavour to bring home to our dear customers the best products at the best price – which the smart Indian consumer is always waiting for.