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H20 SteamFX

Q.) What surfaces can I use my H2O SteamFX on?
A.)H2O SteamFX is designed to be used on a wide variety of surfaces that can withstand high heat and Moisture, such as ceramic, marble, stone, tile, sealed wood, granite stainless steel and glass. Do not use on unsealed wood, or any heat sensitive surface for extended period of time. Always Check use and care instructions from the surface manufacturer.

Q.) Can it remove all the dirt?
A.) In order to remove stubborn stains some scrubbing is required.

Q.) What makes the H2O SteamFX different?
A.) H2O SteamFX has a non-pressurized boiler which means the steam is ready faster and lasts longer.
Also the H2OSteamFX can be refilled as soon as the water tank is empty, while with pressurized Steamers you need to wait for a few minutes until it cools down.

Q.) How long does one water tank of 225ml/7.6oz lasts during continuous steam cleaning?
A.) It lasts approximately 7 – 10 minutes. When the appliance stops emitting steam it means the water tank needs to be refilled.

Q.) Is it easy to refill with water?
A.) Yes, there is a measuring cup for easy fill.

Q.) How long do I need to wait for the steam to be ready?
A.) About 20-30 seconds.

Q.) What is the temperature of the steam?
A.) It is about 200°F degrees or 93°C.

Q.) Can I use ordinary tap water?
A.) Yes, you should use plain tap water without adding any cleaning agents to make your cleaning environmentally friendly. In areas with hard water it is recommended to use filtered or distillated water for better performance. Cleaning and maintenance to remove lime scale is described in the user’s manual.

Q.) What is wrong if the unit does not power on?
A.) The unit is not plugged in or turned on, please make sure it is properly plugged in a grounded outlet and that the steam switch is pressed.

Q.) Why the steam is reduced or there is no steam?
A.) 1) Water tank is empty - fill the water tank after you have released the switch button and unplugged the appliance from the electrical outlet.
2) Steam nozzle is blocked - clean the nozzle
3) Limescale deposit - follow cleaning procedure to remove limescale (user’s manual)

Q.) What is happening if the steam escapes from connections?
A.) Debris or obstructions at the connection points – remove the accessory and check and clean connection points.

Q.) What do I do if the H2O SteamFX has excessive water leakage?
A.) In that case stop using the appliance and contact customer care.

Q.) What attachments can I use with my H2O SteamFX?
The extension hose can be used with optional accessories like a window cleaning tool with a squeegee and coral cloth, duster, or round nylon brush etc. to add to a variety of Cleaning tasks around the house.
The round nylon brush is great for cleaning smooth hard surfaces such as toilets, sinks, and kitchen Counters. The small brushes can also effectively clean the grease on pans, stoves and kitchen ovens. They can be used with or without detergent to clean dirty areas.

Q.) What do I do after using my H2O SteamFX?
A.) Make sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet after use and store it in a protected, dry place.

MRP: 5990
Price: 3490
You Save: 2500 (42%)
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