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Finally Quiet Sleep for Allergy Sufferers and Asthmatics.

Clean Maxx with triple action system – Vibrate, Vacuum and Sterilize.Works as simple as a normal vacuum cleaner without chemicals With micro filter and vibration head.

The effective weapon against mites, bacteria, germs, spores, dander and dust.

Optimal Cleaning for Pillows and Blankets Ideal for Sofa Beds and Sofa Seta

With UV Light and Vibrating head.(3000 Vibrations/minute)

The UV-C Sterilizing Lamp behind the vibration head (254mm,ozone free) kills the micro-organisms quietly.


Technical Data:

Measurements – 38 x 34 x 15 cm

Material – ABS, PC, Steel, Glass, Rubber, EVA.



Price:   5290
   3 EMI
Name Clean Maxx
Delivery Charges Free