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Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra has specially been designed and styled for women living a 21st century lifestyle.

Bras haven't changed much for over 50 years, but women and our way of life are dramatically different! No longer just in the kitchen, we are business leaders, astronauts, soldiers, coaches, movers, shakers and magnificent moms.

80% of women today wear the wrong size bra! But now there is something for everyone, no matter what your size or shape.

Say goodbye to hooks, clips, straps and padding with the all new Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra! The light as air bra that shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever!

Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra is specially styled by the Slim 'N Lift designers. Perfect for all shapes, sizes, ages and activities. And Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra is the bra that targets all the trouble areas we women want to fix:

1: Spilling out of cups that are too small

2: Bulging under the arms

3: Embarrassing back fat

4: Wires that pinch

5: Straps that fall down

6: Hooks and clips that dig in

7: Uncomfortable bra inserts and padding, and

8: Not enough support. Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra solves all of these problems and more! So you can always look and feel your very best.

Slim 'N Lift Aire is the ultimate bra! What are you waiting for! Get rid of the ordinary and try the extraordinary! Place your order now to get your Slim 'N Lift Aire, you'll be thankful you did!




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Name: Slim N` Lift Aire Bra
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Name: Aire Bra - Combo Offer
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