1. Pro V Stainless Steel Kitchen Slicer.
2. Strong, durable, sharp stainless steel blades.
3. Grate, slice and dice fruits, vegetables and cheeses.
4. Slices, dices, juliennes, grates and more.
5. Precise, easy results.
6. Eliminates the need for many separate utensils!
7. Includes a handy rack for inserts.
8. Ergonomic anti-slip handle.
9. Food holder for safety when using.
10. Easy to clean and durable for years of reliable use.
11. Takes the frustration out of food preparation!
12. Create restaurant quality mains, salads, garnishes and soups with expertly
prepared fruits and vegetables.


Price:   2990
   3 EMI
Name: Pro V Slicer
Delivery Charges: Free