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Pro V Slicer

The Pro V Slicer is perhaps the most useful kitchen system to make slicing, shredding and dicing simple, fast and convenient. This heavy duty food slicer can make cooking a pleasure with it's sharp and durable stainless steel blades and toughened plastic frame. Save time on preparation and washing up by using this one simple multi-talented unit! The special food holder ensures the safety all cooks want and the security the everyday person needs when preparing fruits and vegetables. With 4 types of blades, the Pro V Slicer can dice, slice, grate and julienne at different thicknesses to suit your culinary needs. Make your own great salads, garnishes, mains and soups with the easy to use Pro V Slicer and actually enjoy your time in the kitchen! Includes an elegant accessory rack for storage.




Price:   2990.00
Name: Pro V Slicer
Delivery Charges: Free