Q): How much does the H2O Vac Turbo weigh?
A) The H2O Vac Turbo weighs 12.56 lbs.
The H2O Vac Turbo with water weighs 13.88 lbs.
The H2O Vac Turbo packaged weighs 19 lbs.

Q): How often do I need to change the HEPA filters?

A) The filter should be cleaned after 5 to 6 times of usage or if it is visibly dirty. The suction power will reduce if you do not clean the filter frequently. When in operation, the filter should be locked in place. The filter can be used after it is completely dry. Check the filter to be sure it fits properly and is not damaged before reusing. The HEPA filter should be cleaned or replaced every 4 months for optimal performance. However this will depend on the frequency of use and may need replacing more often. Clean the HEPA filter by gently shaking it to remove accumulated dust/dirt, then wash it under cold running water. The HEPA filter should not be washed with hot water or any detergents. When removing dust and dirt do not use any brush or other sharp objects that can cause damage. Let it completely dry before inserting back into the vacuum. Note: Remember to empty water tank before turning the unit upside down to avoid water spillage.

Q): Can you use the H20 Vac without water?

A) Do not operate H2O Vac Turbo without water in the water tank. This vacuum cleaner uses advanced water filtration technology so that dirt and dust are forced through a pool of water and trapped in the water. Without water all the dirt will accumulate on the foam filter located inside the airflow chamber and the suction power will be significantly affected.

Price:   5990
   3 EMI
Name: H20 Vac Turbo
Delivery Charges: 350