Finally a practical solution to avoid spoiling of food and money!

With the Always Fresh Box & Bag set you get a complete storing system that keeps your food fresh for a longer time and therefore saves money!
Always Fresh Boxes & Bags are made of natural, environmental-friendly material.

Storing food the ordinary way traps food with the food-spoiling gases it naturally emits during the ripening process. This causes food to spoil even faster as during the natural process of ripening the food develops ethylene gas. This gas accelerates the ripening of fruits, vegetables, meats - which eventually go bad faster.

But now, there is a solution!!!!
Thanks to the revolutionary Always Fresh Box & Bag Set; all food items stay fresh and crunchy as the ethylene gas is absorbed and neutralized.

Always Fresh Box and Bag Set uses nanotechnology to release all-natural minerals that act like magnets to remove these damaging gases. And food lasts up to weeks longer!!






Price:  1990
Name Always Fresh Box & Bag
Delivery Charges   Free