Q: What are the additional support bands?

A: Additional bands allow for varying degrees of support. The more resistance you have, the more support the machine provides. The less the support, more strenuous the exercise will be.

Q: Does the 3 Minute Legs require any power hookups?

A: No, the unique design of this system uses the machine's resistance and your weight! No electricity is needed!

Q: Are there any weight restrictions when using the 3 Minute Legs?

A: The 3 minute legs is designed to support upto 125 kilograms.

Q: Can the 3 Minute Legs be used on carpets?

A: The 3 Minute Legs is designed to glide easily on all flowing surfaces without wearing or scratching!

Q: I am just beginning to exercise- is this product for me?

A: 3 Minute Legs is designed to fit your fitness level and your height with its adjustable tension and height features.





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Name 3 Minute Legs
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