Frequently asked questions:

Can I put all removable parts into the dishwasher?
Yes, except for the motor unit.

Can I add boiling hot ingredients to the blending jar?
No, let the ingredients cool down to 85c to avoid damaging parts of the appliance.

What can I do if liquids leak out of the blender?
Reduce the quantity.

Why does the motor unit give off an unpleasant smell during processing?
This often happens when new appliances are used for the first time. The smell will disappear after you have used the Smoothie Maker a few times. if the Smoothie Maker has been running for too long it may also emit smoke. If this is the case, switch the appliance off and let it cool down for an hour.

What can I do if the blade unit or the motor get stuck during processing?
 Switch the Smoothie Maker off and remove the ingredients causing the blockage. Use smaller portion in future.

My smoothie is too viscous?
Please add mineral water or fruit juice. Swivel the cup with motor unit upwards the Smoothie Maker starts to operate

How do I switch off my Smoothie Maker?
Push the safety-button! Swivel the cup with motor-unit downwards

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