Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra

Three bras for the price of one! You will receive the bra in Pure White, Midnight Black and Sexy Nude. That is three bras for the price of one!

• The Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra won't stretch out and is the most versatile and comfortable bra you'll ever own.

• Say goodbye to embarrassing back fat, the wonder weave extra oomph band gives you support without the suffering and never rolls up!

• Wide straps fit perfectly and never slip off.

• Full coverage cups custom fit to any size, keeping everything in place.

• The Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra saves the hassle of spending hundreds of dollars on bras with uncomfortable underwires and straps that don't fit and can make you look lumpy. With the Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra you know that you're going to look and feel your best!

• No matter how petite or busty! Sizing is simple! The size you wear in a T shirt or blouse is the size you need for Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra.

• The Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra is also a stylish fashion accessory! No matter where you work or where you go! Layer it for different looks! You can even sleep in Slim 'N Lift Aire Bra for proper support, day and night.

• Sizing is easy - just match your shirt size to the Aire Bra size!

Size Chart

Bra Size Cup Size Aire Bra Size
28 A/B/C/D/DD Small
30 A/B/C/D/DD Small
32 A/B/C/D/DD Small
34 A/B/C/D/DD Small
36 A/B/C/D Small
36 DD Medium
38 A/B/C/D Medium
38 DD Large
40 A/B/C/D Large

Price:  2990.00
Name Slim N` Lift Aire Bra
Delivery Charges   200