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The first and only vacuum to utilize AQUA-FORCE TECHNOLOGY™

What you will get

The H2O Vac® Turbo™ is build to last a lifetime yet it's lightweight enough to maneuver anywhere. With adjustable suction levels now you can clean in and around even the most delicate items.

• No clogging and dusty dirty bags to bog suction down
• In addition to air purifying, it cleans messes on all surfaces and delicate materials
• Environmentally friendly and easy to use + empty
• Use the included set of air nozzles to inflate air mattresses, balls and pool toys
• Powered by 1200 Watt and air flow suction of 60 CFM


• Unlike all other vacuums the H2O Vac® Turbo™ sucks all the dirt and dust into its sealed aqua chamber literally trapping it under water.
• Combined with its certified Hepa filter, traps 99.97% of all the unwanted dirt, dust and harmful allergens that other vacuums can spew back into the air.

Price:   9990.00
Name: H20 Vac Turbo
Delivery Charges: Free