1. The product is not removing the hair.
For best results, use the DermaSeta™ in a clockwise direction. Please note, the length of your hair also impacts the results; if you have coarse hair the results will be more satisfying than if the hair is at a longer length.

2. The product causes a rash/burning sensation.
The product should not cause a rash or burning sensation, if it does please consult your physician. However, some redness might show after the use of the DermaSeta™, depending on the skin type; it’s a normal reaction. The redness will not last for long. you may apply some skin moisturizer after the DermaSeta treatment to help with the redness.

3. How does it compare to waxing or shaving?
All hair removal methods have their positives and negatives; DermaSeta™ however eliminates a lot of the negatives such as the discomfort from waxing or razor cuts. The DermaSeta™ hair removal is just as effective as the other methods, but it will take time until you find the optimal way to use the product and get the best results for yourself.

4. The Basic Unit doesn’t feel powerful enough.
Some might find that the Basic Unit is not powerful enough due to the batteries. Once the batteries get weaker, so will the performance of the unit. In order to have continuous power, purchase our adapter that allows DermaSeta™ to operate from an electrical outlet.

5. Besides the arms and legs, where else can the product be used?
DermaSeta™ comes with variety of attachments for different purposes. The attachments vary from Foot Smoother and Pumice Stone to massagers to facial and bikini hair line removers. The DermaSeta™ cannot be used to remove hair from the underarm area. Please refer to the manual to get a more detailed understanding of all the DermaSeta™ attachments.

6. Do I get to keep the FREE product if I return the Derma Seta™?
The DermaSeta™ that you get for free, for the additional shipping and processing is a gift with purchase and it needs to be returned for a full refund, less the shipping and handling.

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